You love reading. Savory lets you finish your reading list.

Save all the interesting blogs, papers, substacks, twitter threads that you want to read later. Curate your own personal library. Read at your leisure.

Get more out of your reading

The best reads are meant to be enjoyed many times. The curation features in Savory will let you find those absolute gems for another day.


Close your open tabs and read them later at your own pace.

Chrome tabs are not meant to be bookmarks, so stop treating them like that.

A screenshot of the reading list view in Savory


Use as many tags as you like to make your collection really yours.

Use the names that you like to associate with a topic, and use many of them. The more the merrier.

A screenshot of a tag page in Savory


Google is not your friend to find that rare article you read years ago.

Find that lost link, or paper, or twitter thread, or podcast, or that youtube video. You know it's here and now you will actually find it.

A screenshot of Savory with the search bar and results prominently displayed

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Some questions you might have

  • What is the pricing?

    Savory is free while in beta. We will be adding paid plans with additional features in the future.

  • Is my data stored locally?

    No. We store your data in the cloud so that you can access it from all your devices.

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes. All of your data is encrypted at rest and protected with top-notch security standards.

  • How do I delete my account?

    We don’t have an automated method yet. Please drop us an email at and we will scrub all your data.

  • Where is dark mode?!

    Dark mode is coming very soon!

  • I have a question (or a problem?)

    Send us a message via our feedback page and we’ll get back to you.