Close your tabs.
Save them in Savory so you can find them again.

Save all the interesting articles, papers, podcasts, videos, or whatever else you come across while browsing. Organize your long list of bookmarks and actually find them later when you need it.

Screenshot of Savory
100+ tabs are open, things are getting hard to find

You are living through that. Right now. Why?

“I don’t want to lose any valuable information that I might need later”, you say.

Savory gives you the permission to close these tabs. All your links will find a home inside Savory and you will actually have a chance to go through them. At your own pace.

Organize your collection

With all your bookmarks in one place, Savory gives you the power to organize and connect these ideas in new ways.

Just adding tags go a long way towards curating your collection. Once you have some tags going on, Savory will autocomplete tag suggestions for new bookmarks.

Edit a saved link by adding a new tag

Drill down

Quickly review a topic by scanning through the list of your saved bookmarks in the tag filter view. You can even filter by multiple tags when the parent category starts becoming too crowded.

Click any tag in the main view to enter the filter view. You can niche down by adding more tags with the plus button.

See all your links filed under a tag

Find that one link

If you came across a paper two years ago that you just barely remember, good luck finding it online.

Google can’t help because it’s becoming impossible to find links from several years ago unless you remember the right keywords or the website name.

Save that link in Savory. You will feel better knowing something is findable again than throwing it back into the vast ocean of Google.

Filter by multiple tags and search through those links

Batch operations

Curating your digital garden requires care and polished tools.

Savory allows you to do batch operations for common tasks like splitting a category into two when it starts becoming too large, or adding a new tag to previously untagged list of bookmarks.

Select multiple links to bulk add tags

Start organizing today

Get started for free and re-discover your bookmarks with the power of Savory.

Some questions you might have

What is the price?
Savory is free while in beta. We will be adding paid plans with additional features in the future.
Is my data stored locally?
No. We store your data in the cloud so that you can access it from all your devices.
Is my data safe?
Yes. All of your data is encrypted at rest and protected with top-notch security standards.
How do I delete my account?
We don’t have an automated method yet. Please drop us an email at and we will scrub all your data.
Where is dark mode?!
Dark mode is coming very soon!
I have a question (or a problem?)
Just email us at and we’ll get back to you.

How it works?

Once you sign up, you can start saving your tabs and links.


Install our browser extension.

Then start saving your tabs in Savory by clicking the star icon on the right of address bar.

Other Browsers

You can browse, search and organize your collection in any browser.

Native integration for saving new links in Firefox and Safari is coming soon.


Mobile-friendly layout to catch-up with your reading list on the go.

Saving links on mobile is not supported yet, but is planned for a future release.


Coming Soon

Worried about a pending browser update killing your tabs?

Save them in Savory and get back to them whenever you want.