Find that one link.
In your thousands of bookmarks.

Savory is a bookmark manager for Chrome. Organize your long list of bookmarks. Find links from several years ago. Minimalist. And fast. 🚀

Screenshot of Savory
“Cool, I’m going to bookmark this and then never look at it again.”

You know that feeling. It’s an interesting article, deep insights, beautiful design. Something to add to your collection—for later perusal or when you need it.

And now you have 6,832 unorganized bookmarks. It’s a mess. You will never be able to find that one page when you need it. The worst part, you know it’s there.


Savory has tags. You choose how many tags to add to each link. One is fine. Five is also fine.

There is no need for a particular refined process or taxonomy. Just Savory and tags go a long way towards curating your collection.

Screenshot of Savory
Screenshot of Savory


With Google, it’s becoming impossible to find links from several years ago. Savory focuses on re-discoverability of your saved links even if you don’t remember exactly the right keywords or the website name.

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