Connect your Pocket account with Savory

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We are excited to announce Savory’s first integration: Pocket. Now you can connect your Pocket account with Savory to import your saved articles, including any tags, into your Savory collection. To begin importing, go to the Settings page and click Connect under the Integrations section.

Click the Connect button under Integrations in the Settings page to start importing from your Pocket account.

We understand that users who want to try Savory will likely already have a big collection of links and articles stored somewhere else. It is impossible to see if Savory is a good fit for you without first loading it up with your existing collection. Starting with a blank state is hard, period.

This integration is the first of many to come. Instapaper and Pinboard are coming soon. We are also thinking about downstream integrations like Obsidian and Logseq. Stay tuned.